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A Simple 3-page Guide to Prop. 19

Courtesy of Gwen and Dennis Field Corinthian Title, you can download that covers every possible tax situation from Prop 19's (PDF format) that makes for easy to disseminate to your clients.

Here are the highlights:

1) How Prop.19 changes the rules of governing tax assessment transfers.

2) How Prop. 19 affects inherited properties.

3) What Prop. 19 does with the changes in revenue.

4) Outlines the Parent and Grandparent -Grandchild Exclusion.

5) Base Year Value Transfer-for Persons 55+ /Disabled

6) Base Year Value Transfer – "Intra" County Disaster Relief

7) Base Year Transfer – "Inter" County \Disaster Relief

"There's much confusion about Prop. 19; our legal team has put this flyer out to address homeowners' questions and help agents establish rapport with sellers" says Dennis Field.

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