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Q: Do you have an active real estate licensed?

A: Yes, I have a current CA broker license #01797775. I also belong to the National Association of Realtors®, California Association of Realtors® and Santa Clara Association of Realtors®

Q: What kind of contract do I have to sign to list my rental property with you?

A: I will send you a sample of a Lease Listing Agreement after our initial phone consultation for you to read all terms before signing. Or, it will be a property management agreement if you decide to hire me for both tenant placement and ongoing management of your rental property.

Q: Is there a contract minimum to work with you?

A: I only work based on performance. You can cancel the agreement at any time. If you cancel the agreement before I place a tenant in your rental property, the only fee you would be responsible for is for marketing expenses which is about $250.

Q: How many properties have you rented in the last 12 months?

A: Over 30 properties. A combination of single-family homes, condos, town-homes, apartments and studios.

Q: Do you offer a discount for multiple units?

A: If you have 3+ units I do offer a $100 discount on the tenant placement for each unit and discount $10/mo for ongoing management for each unit. Make sure to mention during our initial phone consultation.

Q: How many employees do you have?

A: I don’t have any employees. This is how I keep my overhead costs low and pass on the savings to my clients. I do however, have a small team that helps me with the logistics of the business and a network of professional vendors that are licensed & insured.

Q: Do you also do property management? How much do you charge per month?

A: Yes. I charge $125/month for ongoing management.

Q: What happens if the tenants break their lease agreement?

A:  This is a very good question  and it gets asked a lot of times. If any of the tenants I have personally placed in your rental property break their lease agreement within the first 12 months, I will do the tenant placement again FREE of charge. **Conditions apply**

Q: Do you install a smart lock to show my property?

A:  Absolutely No! And here is why.

I do ALL my showings in person following COVID-19 guidelines. Experience has shown me that allowing parties to view the property without supervision puts your property at risk.


Q: How long after I sign the agreement will my property go on market?

A: Depending if your property is vacant and ready for showing, I can put your property on the market the same day with a curb shot to start generating interest right away. Once professional photos and 3D virtual tour are ready, the listing will be updated.

Q: How many websites will my property be listed on?

A: On 30+ websites including major sites such Zillow, trulia, hotpads, movoto,, etc.

Q: When do I pay the tenant placement fee?

A: Once I receive a signed lease agreement from applicants, I will email a secured link for applicants to send one month’s rent and security deposit to your account. Once I see the new tenants have initiated the transfer of funds to your account, I will send you my invoice for the tenant placement fee to be paid through the same secured portal.

Q: How do you qualify applicants?

A: Applicants will need to meet the following requirements:

- Applicants need to make at least 3 times the rent (industry standard).

- Their credit scores need to be at least 700.

- Clean rental history and background check (no evictions recorded, no bankruptcies within last 5 years, no felonies).

- Last two months of pay-stubs.

- Contact their employers to verify employment.

- Contact their current and/or former landlords to inquire about any tenancy history they could share.

- They need to provide copy of their current bank statements showing enough funds to cover one months rent and security deposit and still have additional funds to cover for their emergencies.

Q: How long does it usually take to get the house rented?

A: If the owner agrees with my recommendation on the rental price, it usually takes about 2-3 weeks to fill the vacancy.

Q: Do you do short-term leases?

A: Yes. And the tenant placement fee is the same as a long-term lease.

Q: Who keeps the security deposit?

A: The security deposit is sent directly to from applicant/tenant's account to landlord/owner's account.

Q: Do you recommend for the property to be rented furnished or unfurnished?

A: Generally vacant & unfurnished homes rent at a quicker rate then furnished homes. Most tenants already have their own furniture. But there are some cases when tenants are looking for only temporary homes and a furnished home will be ideal for them.

My promise to you – I will never be too busy to answer your phone calls or respond to your texts or emails.

Do you have more questions or would like to schedule a FREE consultation?

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